Internet connectivity, especially the mobile internet in Denmark is paramount for tourists exploring this country, facilitating communication, navigation, and access to essential information. Local SIM cards and eSIMs stand out as indispensable tools, offering numerous benefits for travelers. Let’s explore the advantages of utilizing these options to maximize the travel experience in Denmark in this article.

The Mobile Internet in Denmark

I. Denmark Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed

  1. Denmark Mobile Internet Coverage
Mobile internet in Denmark - coverage
Denmark Internet Coverage. Source:

Denmark, generally known by its amazing landscapes, historic cities and open society, also happens to be the forerunner when it comes to connectivity in mobile internet. Thanks to the strong base of infrastructure and wide coverage of the high-speed internet, tourists have an opportunity to feel connected seamlessly without any interruption consistently, which in turn contributes to better travel experiences. 

Some key facts about mobile internet in Denmark: 

  • Telenor: Offers excellent 4G coverage across Denmark, provides strong 5G availability in urban areas, and consistently delivers fast download and upload speeds.
  • Telia: Boasts extensive 4G coverage throughout Denmark., shows impressive 5G availability in urban regions, offers reliable and high-speed internet connections.
  • TDC: Provides comprehensive 4G coverage across Denmark., demonstrates notable 5G availability in urban centers, and delivers consistent and reliable internet performance.
  • 3 (Three): Offers competitive 4G coverage across Denmark, shows promising 5G availability in select urban areas.

In conclusion, Denmark’s mobile internet landscape provides tourists with extensive coverage and reliable performance across major operators like Telenor, Telia, TDC, and 3 (Three). With rolling out nationwide 4G coverage and some major locations offering the fast 5G network, tourists would be enabled to get around smoothly and always seek the needed information while circling through their way in Denmark.

  1. Denmark Mobile Internet Speed
Denmark mobile internet speed
Denmark Mobile Internet Speed. Source: Speedtest

Denmark is famous for the pace of its internet connection which made it a fashion item for digital connectivity all over the world. A high-speed network covering the whole country ensured that high-speed internet was just a click away for everyone.

National Ranking: 

  • In Denmark, the nation ranks 5th globally for mobile internet speed, averaging 157.94 Mbps. This remarkable connectivity underscores Denmark’s dedication to providing reliable services, ensuring seamless browsing, streaming, and communication experiences for both residents and visitors.

City Ranking:

  • Copenhagen: The capital city of Denmark, leads the pack with exceptional internet speeds. It boasts an impressive average internet speed at 279.13 Mbps, contributing to its status as a tech-savvy and digitally advanced city.
  • Aarhus: Denmark’s second-largest city, closely follows Copenhagen in internet speed rankings, with average internet speed at 273.38 Mbps. With robust digital infrastructure, Aarhus offers residents and visitors fast and reliable internet connections for various online activities.

In general, the mobile internet in Denmark is super speedy that places the country among the top awardees of the mobile internet speed in the world. More precisely, the mobile internet download speed is 157.94 Mbps in Denmark, which is a basic indicator of the fast and adequate technology access that the residents of this country as well as visitors have.

II. Mobile Internet in Denmark: Connection options for tourists

When examining the mobile internet options in Denmark, tourists encounter four main choices to stay connected: by taking advantage of the no-charge public WiFi, buying a local SIM, choosing an eSIM or sticking to your current provider’s international roaming. Below, we detail the primary benefits and drawbacks of each option for travelers to consider.

OptionProsConsPrice Range (USD)
Free WiFiWidely available, Free to useUnreliable speed and connection, Security risks, Limited availability in rural areasFree
Pocket WiFiConvenient to share, Easy to useRental fees, May have data limitations$10 – $20 per day
eSIMConvenient – download remotely, Switch between eSIM & physical SIMLimited availability compared to SIM cards, Requires compatible phone$15 – $40 (data only or data + calls/texts)
Local SIM CardMost affordable, Good data allowances, Easy to find and activate, Local phone numberRequires unlocked phone (or dual SIM phone), May not be ideal for short trips$20 – $50
Roaming (if not from EU)Convenient (use existing number)Very expensive data charges, Limited or no calling/texting optionsHighly Variable (can be hundreds of dollars)

Overall, While a local SIM card is a popular choice for tourists in Denmark due to its affordability, data allowances, and convenience, eSIM technology offers added benefits. eSIMs provide seamless activation, flexibility to switch carriers or plans, and remote activation. These advantages complement the benefits of traditional SIM cards, making eSIM a convenient option for travelers exploring Denmark. specializes in providing convenient and efficient eSIM solutions tailored for travelers exploring the picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities of Denmark. They offer hassle-free access to high-speed internet, ensuring you stay connected wherever your Denmark adventures take you, all at competitive prices.

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III. Denmark Mobile Internet Rates

Mobile internet costs in Denmark vary based on plan type and provider. Prepaid and postpaid options offer fixed and larger data allowances respectively. eSIMs, providing digital activation without a physical SIM card, offer convenience and flexibility. Bundled services may offer cost savings. Users should consider their needs and budget when choosing a plan.

OptionDescriptionPrice Range (USD)AdvantagesDisadvantages
Prepaid PlansOffer fixed data allowances for a set price. Ideal for short trips or controlled data usage.$7 – $30+Affordable, Easy to manage data usageLimited data allowances
Postpaid PlansProvide larger data allowances with a monthly subscription fee. Suitable for longer trips or heavy data users.$15 – $75+Larger data allowancesContractual obligation, May not be ideal for short trips
eSIM OptionsDigital activation without a physical SIM card. Pricing similar to traditional plans. Convenient for remote activation.Varies (based on data allowance)Convenient remote activationRequires compatible phone, Limited availability compared to physical SIM cards
Bundled ServicesCombine mobile internet with other services like calls or texts, potentially offering cost savings.VariesCan be cost-effectiveMay include services you don’t need

In conclusion, navigating mobile internet options in Denmark can seem overwhelming. For ultimate convenience, you should opt for an eSIM. You can download and activate your plan in advance to avoid the hassle of obtaining a physical SIM upon arrival. Seamlessly switch between eSIM and physical SIM if necessary. Consider trip length, data needs, and choose a reliable operator.

IV. Best Mobile Operators in Denmark

Denmark features four leading mobile network operators – Telenor, Telia, TDC, and 3 (Three). Here’s a brief overview of each, helping you select the ideal provider for your mobile internet needs during your visit to Denmark.

OperatorMain PointsProsConsBest For
TeliaExtensive coverage, variety of plansReliable service, competitive data allowances, international roaming optionsPotentially higher pricingTravelers prioritizing network reliability and international roaming
TelenorFast data speeds, flexible plansFast data speeds, good network coverage, flexible optionsMay have higher pricing in some casesUsers seeking fast data speeds and flexibility in plan options
3 (Tre)Affordable plans, generous data allowancesAffordable pricing, generous data allowances, good coverage in urban areasCoverage may be limited in rural areasBudget-conscious travelers requiring ample data for urban exploration
TDC (YouSee)Comprehensive network coverageComprehensive coverage, variety of plansPricing may not always be the most competitiveUsers prioritizing extensive coverage across Denmark

Overall, in Denmark, Telenor and Telia are both reputable options for mobile internet. While Telenor may offer slightly lower prices, Telia is often praised for its superior network experience. Ultimately, choosing between the two depends on whether budget or network performance is your top priority.


How do I choose the best mobile internet option in Denmark?

When selecting the best mobile internet option in Denmark, consider factors such as coverage, speed, pricing, and your specific usage needs.

What are the main mobile network operators in Denmark?

The main mobile network operators in Denmark include Telenor, Telia, TDC, and 3 (Three). Each offers various plans and services for mobile internet.

What factors should I consider when comparing mobile internet plans?

Factors to consider when comparing mobile internet plans in Denmark include data allowances, network coverage, speed, pricing, contract terms, and additional perks or features.

VI. Conclusions

In conclusion, when exploring the mobile internet in Denmark, it’s crucial to consider factors like coverage and pricing. For tourists, utilizing local SIM cards or eSIMs is highly recommended. These options offer seamless connectivity and competitive pricing, ensuring a hassle-free experience during your visit to Denmark.

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