Whether you’re visiting Denmark for a short trip or extended stay, having reliable mobile connectivity is important. However, choosing the right mobile provider can feel overwhelming with the many options available. This guide focuses on Telenor, one of the leading carriers in Denmark. Let’s explore Telenor SIM card and eSIM options that are convenient for travelers. 

Telenor SIM card and eSIM

I. Quick facts about Telenor Denmark

Telenor Denmark SIM card and eSIM
Telenor SIM card and eSIM

Here are some key facts about Telenor Denmark:

  • Established: Founded in 1994 as Sonofon
  • Services provided: Provides 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G services
  • Subcribers: Over 2.2 million mobile subscribers as of Q3 2022
  • Stores/ Agents: 600 Telenor stores and other retail partners nationwide
  • Customer support: 24/7 customer support in Danish and English
  • Awards: Received several awards for best network and customer satisfaction

Overall, Telenor has a good reputation in Denmark and is a great choice for travelers needing reliable service.

II. Telenor Coverage and Speed in Denmark

2.1 Telenor Coverage in Denmark

Telenor Denmark - Coverage maps
Telenor – Coverage maps. Source: nperf

According to Telenor’s coverage map, they have nationwide 2G and 4G LTE coverage across Denmark. 3G covers all major cities and towns. New 5G service is available in larger cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

Comparing Telenor’s map with competitors TDC and Telia, the coverage footprint looks very similar. All three major networks provide excellent connectivity in cities, towns and rural areas. Telenor may have slightly better depth of indoor coverage in urban areas.

2.2 Telenor Speed in Denmark

Denmark has some of the fastest mobile network speeds in the world. OpenSignal’s February 2022 report showed national average download speeds of 164.93 Mbps on Telenor’s network.

Telenor Speedtest
Telenor Speedtest – Source: Broadband

These speeds allow for seamless HD video streaming, video calls, mobile gaming, and any other data usage. Telenor’s 5G network is even faster where available, with max speeds over 1 Gbps.

Overall, Telenor delivers an excellent user experience for data along with their great nationwide coverage.

In summary, Telenor has one of the best networks in Denmark making them a good choice for travelers needing connectivity across the country.

III. Telenor Connectivity Options for Travelers to Denmark

As a visitor to Denmark, you have a few different options for connecting to Telenor’s network:

Connectivity Options

Opton Pros Cons
Telenor SIM Card Fast and reliable connectivity Need to locate and insert SIM
Telenor Pocket Wifi Share connection with family/group Limited battery life
Pickup and return required
Roaming No SIM swap needed Very expensive
No guarantees your operator

Getting your own Telenor Denmark SIM card is generally the most convenient and affordable option.

IV. Best Telenor SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Telenor offers several prepaid SIM options for visitors to Denmark. Below are some of the best plans:

Best SIM cards plans

SIM Card Data Allowance Validity Cost (USD)
Travel Data SIM 3GB 30 days $30
Flex Week SIM 1GB 7 days $20
Flex Month SIM 5GB 30 days $37
Flex Travel SIM 12GB 30 days $75

The Travel SIM offers a great 2 week package while the Tourist SIM gives you more data for a longer stay. Megabyte add-ons allow you to customize your data allowance.

You can also find Telenor SIMs at local providers like Lebara with additional option.

V. Does Telenor Denmark support eSIM?

Yes, Telenor Denmark launched eSIM support in 2017. eSIMs offer many benefits over physical SIM cards:

  • Remote provisioning
  • Ability to store multiple profiles
  • Quick activation
  • No risk of losing a small SIM
  • Avoid swapping SIMs in dual sim devices

You should consider GIGAGO Denmark eSIM in addition to options from Telenor, which provides more flexibility and savings for mobile plans when traveling. Denmark eSIM gives visitors an alternative that offers better value through more plan options and competitive rates compared to solely using the local Telenor eSIM.

Denmark eSIM - Alternative for Tourists
Denmark eSIM – Alternative for Tourists

VI. Where can you buy a Telenor SIM card and eSIM?

You have a couple options to purchase a Telenor SIM card or eSIM during your trip to Denmark.

6.1 Where to Buy a Telenor SIM Card

If you prefer a physical SIM, you can buy in Denmark:

Upon Arrival

Copenhagen Airport – Find Telenor shops in both terminals after exiting baggage claim/customs. SIM costs 99 DKK ($14.01). Bring your passport to register

Telenor Denmark Store at Airport
Telenor Store at Airport

Telenor Stores

There are over 600 official Telenor stores across Denmark offering SIM cards, top-ups and assistance.

Telenor Denmark Store
Telenor Store

Other Retailers

Telenor SIMs are also sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, kiosks and other outlets. Use maps to locate nearby vendors.

Note: When purchasing, bring along your passport to register the SIM card in your name as required by law.

6.2 Where to Buy a Telenor eSIM

To get Telenor Denmark eSIM service, here are the main steps for you: 

Here are the steps to get your Telenor Denmark eSIM from us:

  1. Telenor Website – Go to telenor.dk and choose an eSIM data bundle or plan online. Choose your perfect data plan on Telenor
  2. Enter your details for checkout and payment
  3. We’ll send your Telenor eSIM profile securely via email
  4. Add the eSIM profile to your phone using the instructions we provide
  5. Activate online and start using data immediately

No need to visit a Telenor store or swap SIM cards. The entire process is digital for convenience.

VII. How to activate Telenor Denmark SIM card/eSIM

Activating your Telenor SIM or eSIM is quick and easy. Follow the appropriate instructions below:

7.1 How to Activate a Telenor Denmark SIM Card

  1. Insert your Telenor SIM into your unlocked phone. Restart the device.
  2. The SIM will automatically configure carrier settings
  3. You may need to enter a PIN if prompted. The default PIN is 0000.
  4. Top up your SIM to activate if required.
  5. Start using the SIM for calls, texts and data!

7.2 How to Activate a Telenor Denmark eSIM

Here is how to activate your Telenor Denmark eSIM profile:

  1. Install eSIM
  2. Activate your eSIM
  3. Set up eSIM
  4. Start using your eSIM

Please refer to our Denmark eSIM activation guide for step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips.

VIII. Telenor Call & SMS Rates

Telenor Denmark prepaid SIMs allow for calling and texting while traveling. Here are the current rates:

Call & SMS Rates

  Domestic Europe Worldwide
Outgoing Call 0.79 DKK/min (~$0.12/min) 1.39 DKK/min (~$0.20/min) 6.99 DKK/min (~$1.00/min)
Incoming Call 0.79 DKK/min (~$0.12/min) 0.00 DKK/min 2.50 DKK/min (~$0.36/min)
Outgoing SMS 0.25 DKK (~$0.04) 1.50 DKK (~$0.22) 1.50 DKK (~$0.22)

*Rates are for calls and texts on the Telenor prepaid network only, not valid while roaming.

Tips: To reduce costs, use VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype for international calls and texts over data.

IX. Useful USSD codes for Telenor Denmark

Telenor uses the following USSD codes to check account status:

USSD Codes

Action USSD Code
Check Balance *134#
Top Up 123amount#
Data On/Off *131# / 1312#
WiFi On/Off *136# / 1362#
Change Rate Plan *111#
Call Forwarding On/Off 21number# / #21#
Voicemail Number *86#
Change Voicemail Greeting *861#
Disable Notifications 8612#
International Roaming On/Off 1001# / 1002#

Enter the codes above and press call/send to check your prepaid account status directly on your Telenor SIM.

X. How to Top Up Telenor Denmark

It’s easy to add more funds (top-up) to your Telenor prepaid SIM when needed during your travels:

  1. Purchase a Telenor top-up voucher from any Telenor store, retail outlet, supermarket, or kiosk. Vouchers come in denominations from 50 DKK to 500 DKK.
  2. Dial 123amount#. Press call/send.
  3. Your top-up amount will be added instantly.
  4. You’ll receive an SMS confirming the top-up. Enjoy the extra data or calling credit!

Alternatively, you can top up online with an international credit card at Telenor.dk or using Telenor’s mobile app.

XI. Alternatives to Telenor Denmark

Telenor is one of the top choices for prepaid SIMs in Denmark. However, you may want to also consider:

  • TDC – Second largest provider after Telenor with similar coverage.
  • Telia – Third major operator, part of Telia Group spanning Nordic/Baltic countries.
  • Lebara – Denmark MVNO with low cost prepaid plans.

Denmark eSIM is a good alternative to a physical SIM card for travelers visiting Denmark. Their eSIM plans also provide flexibility as they come in a variety of short-term options matching different trip lengths, versus long-term contracts. Check our plans to help select the right for your needs:

Denmark eSIM plans
Denmark eSIM plans

XII. FAQs about Telenor SIM Cards/eSIMs for Denmark

Can I use Telenor Denmark SIM cards anywhere in Europe?

No, Telenor SIM cards are for use in Denmark only. They do not include European roaming. You’ll need to purchase a separate roaming SIM/eSIM to use around Europe.

How long does a Telenor Denmark SIM card last?

Telenor prepaid SIMs are valid based on the initial credit purchased or data allowance. For tourists, options like the 14 day or 30 day SIMs are recommended over very long term plans.

Do I need to show ID to buy a Telenor SIM in Denmark?

Yes, you need to present your passport when purchasing and activating a prepaid Telenor SIM in Denmark as required by regulations.

Can I use Telenor Denmark eSIM on my phone?

Telenor supports eSIM on all iPhone models from iPhone XS/XR and newer. Most newer Android phones are also compatible. Check that your device supports eSIM before purchasing a Telenor Denmark eSIM.

How do I switch between physical SIM and eSIM on iPhone dual SIM?

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Plans and turn on your Telenor physical SIM or eSIM. Only one can be active at a time.

How long does Telenor Denmark eSIM activation take?

Telenor eSIM activation takes only a few minutes in most cases. Just follow the prompts during setup. Contact us if you need assistance activating your Denmark eSIM.

XIII. Final Words

Telenor has one of the best mobile networks in Denmark covering cities, rural villages and popular tourist destinations. Their prepaid tourist SIM cards offer an easy way for foreign visitors to stay connected across Denmark.

If your phone is eSIM compatible, Denmark eSIM provide the convenience of online setup without swapping physical SIMs. Have an amazing trip!