Connecting while traveling overseas requires strategic planning to avoid excess costs and connectivity issues. When journeying to Denmark from abroad, one of the primary decisions is whether to utilize your existing international roaming plan or purchase a Denmark prepaid SIM card. Let’s find the answer in this post.

Denmark SIM card

I. Should I Buy a New SIM Card for My Denmark Trip?

Should I buy a Denmark SIM Card?
Should I buy a Denmark SIM Card?

When traveling to Denmark, you have a few options to keep your phone connected:

  • Use your regular SIM card and pay roaming charges – This is the easiest option, but roaming data fees, calling, and texting can get very expensive. Unless you have an unlimited international data plan, this is usually not the best choice.
  • Buy a local Denmark SIM card – Getting a Denmark SIM gives you a temporary Danish phone number and cellular plan. This makes local calls cheap or free. Data packages are also much more affordable than roaming rates.
  • Rent a mobile hotspot/WiFi device – Another option is to rent a mobile hotspot. This allows you to connect multiple devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. However, data rates for hotspot rental can be high.
  • Find free WiFi hotspots – Denmark has good free public WiFi coverage in cities. But this doesn’t help when on-the-go.

Overall, getting a Denmark SIM card is usually the best option if you’ll be making calls, using maps/navigation apps, posting photos, or needing internet access frequently during your trip. Purchasing a SIM is easy and gives you the freedom to use your smartphone while avoiding expensive roaming fees.

II. Denmark SIM Card Types – Which One is the Best for Tourists?

When looking to buy a Denmark SIM card, you’ll first have to decide whether you need:

  • Physical SIM or eSIM – Traditional plastic SIM cards are still widely used. Both options work well, but eSIMs make it easier to switch plans and are multi-device capable.
  Physical SIM eSIM
Pros Works on any device No need to purchase physical SIM
Easy to change providers
Convenient digital activation
Avoid roaming fees abroad
Cons Requires purchasing SIM card Limited to eSIM-compatible devices
Extra step for activation Higher upfront cost for short trips
SIM swapping for provider change
  • Data-only SIM or Voice + Data SIM – If you’ll only be using data and won’t make voice calls, a data-only SIM may be sufficient and affordable. But if you’ll need voice service, get a standard SIM with bundled minutes and SMS.
Feature Data-Only SIM Voice + Data SIM
Voice Calls ❌ Cannot make calls ✔ Can make calls
SMS & MMS ❌ Cannot send SMS/MMS ✔ Can send SMS/MMS
Data Allowance ✔ Comes with data package ✔ Comes with data package
Upfront Cost 💲💲 Cheaper than voice SIMs 💲💲💲💲 More expensive than data-only SIMs
Usage 🖥️ Ideal for tablets/laptops 📱 Ideal for phones with calling needs
Flexibility 📱 Can also be used in phones for data 🖥️ Not suitable for tablets without calling

For most short-term tourists visiting Denmark, opting for an eSIM voice + data plan will provide the most convenience and flexibility. eSIMS don’t require you to change out physical SIM cards, and voice + data plans allow you to call locally and use internet while traveling.

III. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Denmark?

Here’s a quick guide to how much data you can expect to use while traveling in Denmark for common activities:

Use Data Needed
1 hour of music streaming 60 MB
1 hour of video streaming (SD quality) 300 MB
1 hour of turn-by-turn navigation (offline maps) 100 MB
1 hour of turn-by-turn navigation (real-time) 60 MB
Using social media for 1 day 20-50 MB
Send/receive 30 photos 30-60 MB

*Data estimates based on average usage

For short trips under 2 weeks, a 5-10 GB Denmark data SIM card should be enough for most travelers’ needs like using Google Maps, posting photos, lighter streaming, and web browsing.

Business travelers may want to opt for larger 10-20 GB data SIMs in case of heavier use. For longer multi-week or month-long stays, SIMs with monthly plan options are usually the best value.

Prioritize getting a SIM with a data allotment that matches your intended usage. Also look at options to add data if needed. This helps avoid paying for unused data or running out mid-trip.

IV. How Much Does a Denmark SIM Card Cost?

Costs for Denmark SIM cards can vary, but expect to budget around 50-200 DKK ($7-$30 USD) for a prepaid tourist SIM with Danish phone number and several GB of data.

Here are some average Denmark SIM card options and pricing:

SIM card options

Operator Prepaid SIM Card Price (DKK) Prepaid SIM Card Price (USD) Prepaid Plan Allowances
TDC 79 DKK ~$11 7 days validity. 1GB data.
Telenor 49 DKK ~$7 14 days validity. 1GB data + 100 minutes.
Telia 59 DKK ~$8 30 days validity. 2GB data + 200 minutes.
3 29 DKK ~$4 30 days validity. 2GB data + 100 minutes.

V. Denmark eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

In addition to traditional SIM cards, some providers in Denmark like TDC offer eSIM plans. An eSIM or “embedded” SIM is a digital SIM profile downloaded to your phone.

The benefits of using a Denmark eSIM include:

  • No need to physically switch out SIM cards – Setup is easy and instant with a QR code scan
  • Remote provisioning – You can download an eSIM plan remotely before your trip
  • Dual SIM mode – Have your regular SIM and a local Denmark eSIM active simultaneously
  • Multi-device pairing – Share your Denmark eSIM data plan across devices like cellular iPads/watches

For travelers with eSIM compatible phones like newer iPhones and Android models, Denmark eSIM can be a very convenient choice over traditional SIM cards. Let’s see their best plans: 

Denmark eSIM plans
Denmark eSIM plans

VI. Where to Buy a Denmark SIM Card?

You have a few options on where to buy your Denmark SIM card:

  • Airport kiosks or shops – Once you arrive at a Denmark airport like Copenhagen Airport, you’ll find kiosks and stores selling SIM cards from various providers. Rates can be slightly higher than buying in-town.
Buy Denmark SIM card at Airport
Buy Denmark SIM card at Airport
  • Mobile carrier stores and convenience shops – The major mobile networks like TDC, Telenor, Telia, and 3 all have retail stores in cities that offer prepaid SIMs. Corner shops and kiosks also commonly sell SIM packages.
Buy Denmark SIM card at Convenience Store
Buy Denmark SIM card at Convenience Store
  • Purchase online before your trip – Buying a SIM ahead of time lets you have it on hand as soon as you land. Some providers like TDC allow you to order online and have your SIM shipped internationally. For eSIMs from Denmark eSIM, online purchase is required to download your plan.

For short Denmark trips, purchasing an eSIM online or buying a SIM at the airport on arrival is typically the most convenient route. You can think about Denmark eSIM from GIGAGO.

VII. How to Use Denmark SIM

Once you’ve purchased your Denmark SIM card or eSIM, here are the key steps to get set up:

  • For regular SIM – Insert the SIM into your unlocked phone. Turn on your device and the SIM should automatically configure.
  • For eSIM – Scan the QR code provided to download the eSIM profile. Follow prompts to activate it as your primary mobile connection.
  • Configure APN settings – Depending on your device, you may need to manually enter APN settings for mobile data access. Your provider can assist with correct settings.
  • Recharge/top-up your SIM – Add more credits to your SIM through vouchers, the provider’s app, or an automated phone system.
  • Check data usage – Keep an eye on your remaining data balance so you don’t get overage charges. Most SIMs have an app or SMS command to check usage.
  • Contact customer support if you have any trouble getting your Denmark SIM up and running. They can help troubleshoot connectivity or activation issues.

Read our Step-by-Step Guide to Using eSIM for more tips on setting up eSIM service.

VIII. Best Mobile Operators for Denmark SIM Card

Popular Danish mobile carriers like Telenor, Telia, 3 (Three), and Lebara offer prepaid Denmark SIM cards suitable for tourists.

Best Mobile Operators

Operator Coverage Price range for SIM card (USD) Pros Cons eSIM available?
TDC Extensive nationwide 4G/5G coverage reaching 99% of population. SIM cards priced from $7-15. Monthly plans start at $13. Largest network coverage. Fast speeds. Wide range of plans. Plans and SIM prices on the higher side. Yes, eSIM plans available online.
Telenor Reliable coverage in cities and most towns reaching 98% of Denmark. Pre-paid SIMs available from $4-15. Monthly plans from $12. Very affordable SIM prices and plan costs. Speedy network. Slightly fewer coverage in remote rural areas. Yes, eSIM plans and QR codes can be purchased.
Telia Matches TDC with 99% 4G/5G population coverage. Pre-paid SIM cards priced from $7-15. Plans starting $12 monthly. Wide coverage. Occasional promotions. Include streaming benefits. Plans and SIM prices in middle range. Yes, eSIM activation supported online.
3 Broad LTE/5G coverage in urban centers but more gaps in rural areas. Cheap pre-paid SIMs from $3-15. Value prepaid data packages. Inexpensive SIMs and data-focused prepaid options. Network quality fluctuates outside major cities. Limited eSIM availability, depends o

For most travelers, TDC offers the best overall value and network performance. Telia also stands out for offering eSIM plans. Read Best Mobile Operators in Denmark for more. 

IX. Tips for Saving Data for Denmark SIM Card

To help conserve your Denmark SIM data allowance when traveling:

  • Connect to free WiFi whenever available at your hotel, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Download offline Google Maps of the area you are visiting for navigation that doesn’t use mobile data.
  • Limit bandwidth-heavy streaming like video and music when not on WiFi. Or use low quality settings.
  • Disable auto backups and app updates over mobile data. Configure apps to only update over WiFi.
  • Shut off data for apps that commonly sync or refresh in the background like social media.
  • Consider getting a SIM card with data rollover so unused data carries over between billing cycles or data top-up vouchers.
  • Monitor your data usage in your provider account or app dashboard to stay under your allowance.

Following these tips can help you optimize use of your Denmark eSIM or SIM card data allotment.


How long does a Denmark tourist SIM card last?

Most Denmark prepaid SIMs for tourists are valid for a set number of days, typically 7-30 days. But you can extend validity by recharging with more credits.

Can I use a Denmark SIM across Europe?

Basic Denmark SIM cards only provide service domestically. For Europe-wide use, you’ll need a specialized roaming SIM designed for travel across multiple countries.

Do I need to show ID to buy a Denmark SIM?

Usually just showing your passport is sufficient when purchasing a prepaid tourist Denmark SIM card or eSIM.

Are Denmark SIM cards easy to set up?

Yes, Denmark SIMs are designed for hassle-free activation. Just turn on your phone and the SIM auto-configures. eSIMs instantly activate via a QR code scan.

XI. Conclusion

Getting a local Denmark SIM card or eSIM when visiting Denmark makes it simple and affordable to use your phone for navigation, messaging, calls, and internet access.

Do your Denmark trip planning, and secure your Denmark eSIM so you have connectivity right after landing. Then travel worry-free knowing you can use your phone freely without paying huge roaming fees.