Maintaining reliable mobile connectivity is crucial for travelers exploring a new country like Denmark. With its scenic landscapes, vibrant cities and efficient public transportation network, Denmark offers adventures around every corner waiting to be discovered. However, selecting the best cellular provider for your trip can be an intimidating process amidst numerous local operators. Read on to find the best mobile operators in Denmark, which is the most suitable for your trip.

Best Mobile Operators in Denmark
Best Mobile Operators in Denmark

I. List of Mobile Operators in Denmark

1. The main mobile operators in Denmark

  • TDC (YouSee): The incumbent operator and market leader, providing 2G/3G/4G coverage nationwide.
YouSee (TDC) - Top Mobile Operators in Denmark
TDC (YouSee)
  • Telenor: The second largest operator with a strong network. Brands include CBB and DLG Tele.
Telenor - On top Mobile Operators in Denmark
  • Telia: A top player with good 4G speeds and coverage.
Telia - Among Top Mobile Operators in Denmark
  • 3 (Three): Owned by CK Hutchison, 3 is Denmark’s 4th largest operator. They provide both prepaid and postpaid mobile services via their 3 network.
3 (Three) SIM card Denmark - One of the Best Mobile Operators in Denmark
3 (Three) Denmark

2. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Denmark

In addition, Denmark has over 50 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), inluding:  

  • Yankeetel – Uses Telenor’s network. Offers prepaid plans with data, calls and texts starting from 69kr/month.
  • Oister – Operates on Telia’s network. Known for low-cost data-only plans ideal for tablets and laptops using a mobile broadband connection.
  • Lycamobile – Global MVNO present in Denmark running on Telia’s network, known for affordable international call rates.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Denmark

When selecting a mobile operator in Denmark, key factors to consider include:

  • Coverage and speeds: The operator should have strong nationwide 4G/5G coverage with good download/upload speeds. TDC, Telenor and Telia have the most extensive networks.
  • Data allowances: Look for generous data caps if you’ll use lots of mobile data. Some operators offer unlimited plans.
  • Pricing: Compare monthly fees and prepaid rates across operators for your usage needs. Telenor and 3 are budget-friendly.
  • Customer service: Seek operators with English support and convenient account management options.
  • Roaming: If traveling abroad frequently, find plans that include EU roaming or affordable roaming rates.
Network Experience Awards - Best Mobile Operators in Denmark
Network Experience Awards – Source: Opensignal

III. Best Mobile Operators in Denmark – Detailed Comparison

Below we compare the major operators in Denmark across key categories:

Mobile Operators

Operator Coverage Speeds Plans & Pricing Customer Support Other Factors
TDC 99% 4G/5G nationwide Top speeds up to 300Mbps down Less competitive pricing but promotions English online/phone support Runs best network and fiber broadband
Telenor 98% 4G nationwide Average 115Mbps down Lowest priced plans starting 100DKK English online/phone support Good for gaming with low latency
Telia 99% 4G/5G nationwide Average 85Mbps down Less competitive but prepaid is good option English online/phone support Includes free streaming services on plans
3 Excellent 5G in cities Up to 450Mbps in 5G cities Good value prepaid plans like 20GB for 100DKK Limited English support via webchat Focuses on new 5G services

In conclusion, for tourists visiting Denmark, TDC/YouSee would likely be the best mobile operator to choose. TDC’s focus on simplicity and value makes it a top recommendation for temporary visitors to Denmark

IV. Where to Buy a SIM Card from Best Mobile Operators in Denmark

You can purchase Denmark SIM cards from:

  • Airports – Both Copenhagen (CPH) and Billund (BLL) airports have stores from carriers with easy SIM purchase options for arriving travelers.
Buying SIM card at Airport - Best Mobile Operators in Denmark
Telephone Shop
  • Convenience stores – Networks partner with popular kiosks and stores to sell SIM cards like 7-Eleven, Dagli’Brugsen, Shell. Look for operator branding.
Convenience Store for buying SIM Card - Best Mobile Operators in Denmark
Convenience Store – 7 Eleven
  • Mobile operator stores – Major carriers like TDC, Telenor, Telia and 3 all have their own stores located in cities. Staff can help activate SIMs.
Telia Denmark Store
Telia Store

Buying online in advance enables you to get the plan set up before arrival. Purchasing at the airport is also convenient, check Denmark Airport SIM for more.

Many operators now offer eSIM service which allows digital activation of your cell plan. eSIMs avoid the need to install a physical SIM card.

V. Do Mobile Operators in Denmark Offer eSIM?

Yes, major operators like TDC, Telenor and Telia provide eSIM service in Denmark. eSIM allows you to digitally activate cell service without using a physical SIM card.

  • TDC: One of the first operators in Denmark to offer eSIM. Customers can purchase monthly plans directly from TDC’s website and app for activation on compatible devices.
  • Telia: Provides eSIM Profile activation on their network. Plans can be bought online and automatically downloaded to supported phones through the Telia app.
  • Telenor: Customers can order an eSIM plan kit online for delivery and activation, avoiding the need for a plastic SIM. Budget plans from 99kr/month.
  • 3: Allows eSIM activation on eligible 3 Denmark online accounts. Postpaid and flexible prepaid options are eSIM capable.

Denmark eSIM is a leading provider of digital eSIM plans for travelers visiting Denmark. They offer a wide range of data package durations from 3 days up to 30 days, with options to add neighboring countries like Norway and Sweden.

Plans start at affordable price points and offer ranging data allowances from 1GB up to 20GB per day.

Denmark eSIM plans
Denmark eSIM plans

Important note: Please check eSIM-compatible devices list before getting your eSIM. 


Which operator has the best coverage in Denmark?

TDC has the most extensive overall coverage, followed closely by Telenor. All major networks have strong 4G availability.

How much does a prepaid SIM card cost in Denmark?

You can find prepaid deals from around 100 DKK. Telenor and 3 have very budget-friendly options. Data packages typically start from 100 MB.

Can I use a Denmark SIM card in other European countries?

Yes, Denmark SIMs work throughout the EU thanks to roaming regulations. Some operators offer Europe-wide plans. Expect surcharges outside the EU.

Do I need to show ID to buy a Danish SIM?

Typically just your passport. Prepaid SIMs can be purchased anonymously in convenience stores without registration. Contract plans require proof of residency.

Can I get a Danish SIM card at Copenhagen airport?

Yes, all the major operators have SIM card desks located in the arrivals area at Copenhagen Airport. You can also buy from convenience stores like 7-Eleven.

VII. Conclusion

In summary, TDC is the top mobile operator in Denmark in terms of nationwide connectivity and performance. However, TDC and Telenor also offer excellent coverage with competitive pricing. For budget travelers, 3 has the best prepaid deals while Telenor is the cheapest postpaid option.

Don’t forget to consider Denmark eSIM which is the most convenient solution, enabling instant setup from your phone.