Staying connected while traveling is crucial for exploring Denmark seamlessly through its historic sites, outdoor landscapes and efficient transportation links. As one of the largest network operators in the country, Telia provides both Telia SIM card and eSIM options to cater to evolving traveler needs. Check out this post to find out which plan is the best for your Denmark trip.

Telia Denmark SIM card and eSIM

I. Quick facts about Telia Denmark

  • Established: Founded in 1853, Telia Company is a leading telecom provider in the Nordic and Baltic regions.
  • Number of Subscribers: As of 2022, Telia Denmark has around 2.5 million mobile subscribers.
  • Services Provided: It provides 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G services on 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz frequency bands.
  • Stores/ Agents: Telia has over 200 stores and other retail outlets across Denmark for buying SIM cards.
  • Customer Support: Available in English and Danish through calling, email or social media.
  • Awards: In 2022, Telia Denmark won several awards for best network and customer service.
Telia Denmark SIM card and eSIM

II. Telia Coverage and Speed in Denmark

With extensive 4G reach and new 5G networks, Telia offers solid coverage and data speeds across Denmark. Here is an overview of their network availability and performance.

1. Telia Coverage in Denmark

Telia Denmark Coverage maps
Telia Coverage maps – Source: nperf

According to this maps coverage from nperf, Telia has extensive 4G LTE reach across Denmark. 5G coverage is available in all major cities and towns including Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. Rural areas also have good 4G presence.

Telia lacks comprehensive 5G yet but its 4G network reaches 98% of the population. Tourists can expect good connectivity in urban areas, decent coverage in rural zones and pockets of weak signal in remote parts.

2. Telia Speed in Denmark

Telia Speedtest
Telia Speedtest – Source: Broadband

According to BroadbandSpeedchecker, Denmark’s average mobile download speed is 88.68 Mbps while average upload speed is 29.12 Mbps.

Telia’s own speed testing indicates average download speeds of 80-100 Mbps on 4G and above 200 Mbps on 5G where available. This puts it among the faster operators in Denmark, though variations exist.

While Telia has quick speeds, congestion can cause slower performance at times in crowded zones. For travel purposes, the network offers sufficient performance for web browsing, emails, messaging, video calls, social media, music and basic video streaming needs.

III. Telia Connectivity Options for Travelers to Denmark

Visitors to Denmark have three main options for connecting to Telia’s network:

Connectivity Options

Connectivity Options Telia Local SIM Telia Mobile Hotspot Roaming
Pros Fast speeds Direct Telia connection No SIM swap needed Stick to current number
Affordable rates for short trips Simple plug-and-play use Built-in roaming rates
Cons Swap SIM needed Epensive Very high cost
Activation can be tricky Risk of loss/ damage Unreliable connectivity

Getting a local Telia SIM card in Denmark is the best option for most tourists. It provides the most affordable prepaid rates directly with the provider.

IV. Best Telia SIM Cards for Tourists & Costs

Telia Denmark offers some prepaid SIM options targeted at tourists and temporary visitors:

Best SIM cards plans

SIM Card Allowances Validity Price (USD) Best For
Travel Data SIM 500 MB data - $15 Basic internet access
1 Day SIM 1 GB data, 500 mins/SMS 24 hours $22.50 Short 1-2 day trips
Weekly SIM 3 GB data, 500 mins/SMS 7 days $30 Week-long vacations
30 Day SIM 10 GB data, 1000 mins/SMS 30 days $45 Longer stays
Flexiplan 1-15 GB data 1-30 days Flexible Data-only plans
Unlimited SIM Unlimited data, calls, SMS 30 days $75 Heavy users

The tourist SIMs offer decent short-term bundles while the Flex SIM acts as a recurring 30-day plan.

V. Does Telia Denmark support eSIM?

Yes, Telia Denmark now offers eSIM technology, providing a digital alternative to traditional SIM cards

Plans start at around 99kr/month ($14.01) and provide data, minutes and SMS both within Denmark and for roaming across Europe. Customers can easily buy an eSIM plan directly from the Telia website or mobile app.

Once purchased, the eSIM profile will automatically download and activate on compatible smartphones with no SIM card needed. Telia’s eSIM support makes it more convenient than ever to stay connected while traveling in Denmark, as visitors can quickly get a local mobile plan directly on their device upon arrival.

VI. Where To Buy A Telia SIM Card & eSIM

1. Where to buy a Telia SIM card

You can purchase a Telia Denmark SIM card both upon arrival at the airport or at official Telia stores and retail outlets across the country. Here are the options:

Buying at Airport

  • Telia has a store at Copenhagen Airport in Terminal 3, offering tourist SIM cards.
  • Bring your passport as ID to get a nano SIM card activated on the spot.
  • Opening hours are daily 6am-10pm. SIM costs 100 DKK with 80 DKK credit.
Buy Telia Denmark SIM card at Airport
Telia at Airport

Purchasing at Telia stores

  • Telia has over 200 stores across Denmark selling SIM cards.
  • Tourist SIM bundles start at 100 DKK. Bring passport as ID.
  • Stores are located in all major cities and towns.
  • Opening hours vary, typically 10am-6pm on weekdays.
Telia Denmark Store
Telia Store

Other retail outlets

  • Telia SIMs are also sold at phone shops, supermarkets, kiosks and convenience stores.
  • Look for authorized Telia retailers like Expert, Elgiganten, Bilka, Føtex that sell SIMs.
  • Bring passport as photo ID when purchasing a SIM card.

2. Where to buy a Telia eSIM

  • Direct from Telia: Telia sells eSIM profiles on their website that can be activated right away on compatible iPhones and Android devices.
  • Telia stores: Visit any of Telia’s physical stores located across Denmark to purchase an eSIM. Staff can help activate it as well.
  • Online Telia resellers: Some third party websites and apps offer Telia eSIM plans and profiles that can be ordered online and activated via the Telia portal.

VII. How To Activate Telia Denmark SIM & eSIM

Activating and using a Telia SIM or eSIM in Denmark is fairly straightforward. Here are step-by-step guides:

Activating Telia Denmark physical SIM

Follow these steps to activate your Telia SIM:

  1. Insert the SIM – Locate SIM tray slot on device. Gently insert Telia nano SIM.
  2. Power on device – Turn on your phone and wait for SIM detection.
  3. Activate SIM – Telia prepaid SIM will auto-activate in most cases. May need to reboot.
  4. Configure APN – Normally not required but enter ‘internet’ as APN if data doesn’t work.

Once inserted and activated, the Telia SIM will connect to the network and data/calling will function.

Setting up Telia Denmark eSIM

For setting up eSIM, follow these steps:

  1. Install eSIM
  2. Activate eSIM
  3. Setup eSIM 
  4. Start using

With eSIM, you avoid physical SIM insertion and swap. Configure and activate eSIM digitally through provider’s app.

VIII. Telia Call & SMS Rates

Here are Telia Denmark’s prepaid calling and messaging rates:

Call & SMS Rates

Call/SMS Type Destination Rate (USD)
Calls Within Denmark $0.22-0.37/min
EU/EEA $0.37/min
Rest of Europe $0.75/min
North America $1.19/min
Other Int'l $1.78-2.37/min
SMS Within Denmark $0.24-0.36/SMS
EU/EEA $0.36/SMS
Rest of Europe $0.59/SMS
Other locations $1.19/SMS

Tips: For saving costs, use data connectivity like VoIP and messaging apps whenever possible. Avoid excessive calling and SMS, especially internationally.

IX. Useful USSD codes

Here are some useful Telia Denmark USSD codes to check account, data and more:

USSD Codes

USSD Code Description
#123# Check account balance
#004# Check last 5 recharges
#136# Check data usage & plan allowance
#133# Check call minute usage
#137# Check SMS usage
#180# Change internet settings
#123*7# Top-up prepaid account instantly
#128# Block/unblock SIM
#1234PIN# Change prepaid account PIN

X. How To Top Up Telia Denmark SIM

You can top up your Telia Denmark prepaid balance using vouchers available at stores across the country:

To recharge your SIM:

  1. Buy desired denomination top up voucher from Telia stores, kiosks, supermarkets, etc.
  2. Dial #123*7#
  3. Enter voucher PIN when prompted.
  4. Wait for confirmation SMS that balance has been added.

This instantly adds credit without needing registration or bank account. Topt up when balance runs low to avoid service disruption.

XI. Alternatives to Telia Denmark

While Telia is a solid overall choice, Denmark has other leading operators tourists can consider:

  • TDC – Top rival with similar coverage and speeds. Also lacks eSIM currently.
  • Telenor – Competitive prepaid SIM pricing and bundles for short trips.
  • 3 (Three) – Fast speeds with unlimited data prepaid options. eSIM available.
  • MVNOs – Brands like CBB, Oister, Call Me provide low cost Telia service.

For eSIM support today, Denmark eSIM is good alternatives to get eSIM connectivity. Whether a single trip or extended stay, their services both deliver reliable coverage for internet-dependent tasks throughout Denmark’s beautiful landscapes, cities and sites of interest via an efficient digital SIM setup. Let’s see their best plans:

Denmark eSIM plans
Denmark eSIM plans


What ID is required to buy a Telia SIM?

Passport is needed as photo ID when purchasing any Telia SIM card from stores and outlets.

Can I use my SIM card while traveling within Europe?

Yes, Telia offers free roaming within the EU/EEA region so you can use your minutes, texts and data with no extra charges.

How to monitor Telia Denmark data usage?

To check data consumed so far, dial *102# on your Telia SIM.

Can I use Telia SIM in other Scandinavian countries?

Telia has presence across the Nordic region but its Danish SIMs only allow domestic usage.

How can I get customer support for Telia?

Reach out via the website or app, visit a store in person, or call their 24/7 support hotline on 7020 3030

XIII. Final Words

In summary, Telia Denmark makes for a reliable choice to stay connected for tourists. With wide coverage, fast speeds and affordable prepaid rates, their SIM cards can nicely serve short-term connectivity needs. Check your travel requirements and go for Denmark eSIM for seamless connectivity.