For travelers visiting Denmark, obtaining a local 3 (Three) Denmark SIM card is an essential way to stay connected during your trip. As one of Denmark’s major carriers, 3 offers SIM and eSIM options that are convenient and affordable for tourists. Let’s check this guide before.

3 Denmark SIM card & eSIM

I. Quick facts about 3 (Three) Denmark

3 Denmark is one of the leading mobile network operators in Denmark with millions of subscribers. Here are some quick facts about 3 Denmark:

  • Established: Founded in 2001
  • Full company name: Hi3G Denmark ApS. 3 Denmark means the 3rd generation mobile telecommunications. Hi3G operates under the 3 brand
  • Services provided: Provides mobile voice, messaging, data services
  • Subscribers: Has over 2.3 million mobile subscribers as of Q3 2022
  • Stores/Agents: Has over 150 stores across Denmark
  • Customer support: Provides 24/7 customer support in Danish and English via phone, email, social media
  • Awards: Received the Mobile Network of the Year awards 4 times

3 is one of the top three mobile operators in Denmark together with Telenor and TDC. It has built a solid reputation for its wide 4G coverage and fast data speeds across Denmark. For tourists visiting Denmark, a 3 SIM card can be a great connectivity option during your trip.

3 Denmark SIM card and eSIM
3 (Three) SIM card and eSIM

II. 3 Coverage and Speed in the Denmark

Let’s take a look at 3 Denmark’s coverage and mobile data speeds across Denmark.

3 Denmark coverage 

3 Denmark - Coverage maps
3 – Coverage maps. Source: nperf

Based on the coverage maps from , 3 (Three) has the joint best overall coverage experience score alongside Telia. As you can see on the coverage map below, 3 Denmark has extensive 4G LTE coverage across most parts of Denmark including all major cities and population centers. Its 4G coverage reaches 90% of population.

In rural areas and smaller towns, 3 Denmark’s 4G coverage is comparative to Telia but weaker than TDC. However, in metro areas, its coverage is on par with both rivals. For travels focussing on cities and populated areas, 3 Denmark provides excellent LTE coverage.

3 Denmark speed

In OpenSignal’s report, 3 Denmark achieved a 4G Download Speed Experience score of 125.76 Mbps. This ranks 3 Denmark among the top performers in Denmark regarding data speeds.

3 - Speedtest
3 – Speedtest. Source: Opensignal

Based on this analysis, 3 Denmark offers fast enough mobile data connectivity for common travel usage like web browsing, maps, social media, calls and video streaming in HD quality. The speeds are good in metro areas and acceptable in most rural zones covered by its network.

III. 3 Denmark connectivity options for travelers

As a tourist traveling to Denmark, you have three main options to get connected to 3 Denmark’s network:

Connectivity Options

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
SIM Card Fast, stable, direct connectivity. Affordable rates. Need nano-SIM, swap SIMs.
Pocket Wifi Avoids swapping SIMs. Expensive rental cost. Limited range. Hassle of pick up & return. Risk of damage/loss.
Roaming Use your number. No SIM swap needed. Very expensive rates. Home provider may not have 3 Denmark roaming.

So, getting a local Denmark 3 Denmark SIM card is the most convenient and affordable option for most travelers.

IV. Best 3 Denmark SIM card for tourists & cost

3 Denmark offers some great value prepaid SIM cards for tourists in Denmark. Below are some top picks:

Best SIM card plans

SIM Card Price Inclusions Validity
3 Denmark Tourism Data SIM DKK 100 (~$14) 15GB data 14 days
3 Denmark Prepaid SIM DKK 150 (~$22) 10GB data + 1000 mins + 1000 texts 30 days
3 Denmark Denmark eSIM DKK 60 (~$9) 5GB data 7 days

The 3 Denmark Tourism Data SIM is an excellent choice for a short Denmark trip where you just need lots of data. It gives you 15GB of 4G LTE data over 14 days on 3 Denmark’s fast network for only DKK 100.

For longer visits, the 3 Denmark Prepaid SIM is better with 10GB data and lots of calling & text allowance. It is valid for 30 days.

If your phone supports eSIM like newer iPhones and Pixels, then the 3 Denmark Denmark eSIM is super convenient. There’s no need to swap SIM cards. Just download the eSIM profile and activate it.

Pro Tip: To have both data and calling, you can combine the Tourism Data SIM with the Denmark eSIM for maximum convenience!

V. Does 3 Denmark support eSIM?

Yes, 3 Denmark does provide eSIM support in Denmark.

eSIMs or electronic SIMs allow you to activate mobile plans digitally without having to insert a plastic SIM card. eSIMs provide greater convenience as you can easily switch between plans by downloading eSIM profiles. They are embedded into your phone and can’t be lost or damaged like physical SIM cards.

Some key benefits of using a 3 Denmark eSIM include:

  • Avoid swapping physical SIM cards
  • Remote activation. Add a new plan anytime
  • Harder to be lost or damaged
  • Use dual SIM features on iPhone

You can purchase a 3 Denmark eSIM directly from 3 Denmark online or stores by providing your IMEI number. Alternatively, choose a reputable online eSIM provider for fast digital delivery like Denmark eSIM from GIGAGO, which are from leading Denmark networks like TDC with wider coverage.

VI. Where can you buy a 3 Denmark SIM card and eSIM?

Getting your hands on a 3 Denmark SIM card or eSIM in Denmark is easy. Here are the options:

1. Where to buy 3 Denmark SIM card

  1. Upon arrival at the airport – You can purchase 3 Denmark prepaid SIM cards at their stores at Copenhagen Airport in the arrival area. Bring your passport as ID.
3 (Three) at Airport
3 (Three) at Airport
  1. 3 Denmark stores – 3 Denmark operates over 150 stores across Denmark where you can buy SIM cards by showing your passport. Locate a store convenient for you.
3 (Three) Store
3 (Three) Store
  1. Other authorized retailers – You can also purchase 3 Denmark prepaid SIMs from many electronics stores, supermarkets, kiosks and convenience stores. But availability of English support may be limited.

Good to know: Buy from the airport 3 Denmark store or major retailers in city centers for guaranteed English assistance.

2. Where to buy 3 Denmark eSIM

To get a 3 Denmark eSIM, you have two options:

  1. 3 Denmark website – Purchase directly from by selecting eSIM, providing your IMEI number and making an online payment. You will then receive the eSIM profile to activate.
  2. 3 Denmark stores: You can visit any of 3 Denmark’s physical stores and kiosks located around Denmark to get assistance activating an eSIM on their network. Most major malls and suburbs will have a 3 Denmark store.

So, getting 3 (Three) Denmark eSIM from their website would be the most straightforward way.

VII. How to activate 3 Denmark SIM card/eSIM

Activating and using a 3 Denmark SIM or eSIM is straightforward. Follow the instructions below:

How to use 3 Denmark SIM card

  1. Insert the SIM card: Locate the SIM card slot on your device
  2. Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  3. Activate the SIM card: In most cases, 3 Denmark SIM card will be pre-activated
  4. Check your services. You are ready to use mobile data, calls and SMS!

How to activate 3 Denmark eSIM

  1. Install the eSIM: Scan the QR code you receive to install the eSIM profile or download the profile from email
  2. Activate the eSIM: Open the eSIM app and activate your plan by entering the code
  3. Set up the eSIM: Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your plan
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once set up, you can start using data, calls and texts!

For detailed eSIM activation guide, check:

VIII. 3 Denmark Call & SMS rates

Here are 3 Denmark’s calling and SMS rates:

Call & SMS Rates

Rate Type Within 3 Network Within Denmark Within EU/EEA USA Canada China India
Calls (per min) Free 0.44 USD 0.44 USD 0.88 USD 0.88 USD 0.88 USD 0.88 USD
SMS (each) N/A 0.18 USD 0.18 USD N/A N/A N/A N/A
MMS (each) N/A 0.36 USD N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Video Calls (per min) 0.17 USD 0.44 USD 0.44 USD 0.88 USD 0.88 USD 0.88 USD 0.88 USD
Voice Mail Retrieval Free Normal rates Free Normal rates Normal rates Normal rates Normal rates

ProTip: To call international numbers cheaply, dial a "+" before the country code to use 3 Denmark's low IDD call rates starting from DKK 1/min.

IX. Useful USSD codes for 3 Denmark SIM card/eSIM

Check your 3 Denmark SIM card balance and data usage easily using these USSD codes:

USSD Codes

Action USSD Code
Check Balance *134#
Top Up 111amount#
Change Rate Plan *111#
Enable/Disable Data *131#/1312#
Enable/Disable Roaming *146#/1462#
Check Voicemail Number *86#

X. How to top-up 3 Denmark SIM card/eSIM

You can easily top-up your 3 Denmark prepaid credit using vouchers purchased from stores:

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy a 3 Denmark top-up voucher from nearby stores. Vouchers come in denominations like DKK 100, 300, 500.
  2. Dial 111amount#
  3. Enter the voucher code and press Call

That’s it! You can now continue using mobile data, calling and messaging with your topped up credit.

XI. Alternatives to 3 Denmark

While 3 has good connectivity in cities, its rural coverage is weaker than TDC (YouSee) who remain the coverage leaders in Denmark.

If you need solid connectivity across all of Denmark including smaller towns and remote areas, TDC could be a better choice.

Denmark eSIM offers TDC eSIMs starting from just $6. Let’s check some best plans from this provider: 

Denmark eSIM plans
Denmark eSIM plans

XII. FAQs about 3 Denmark 

Does 3 Denmark SIM work in other Scandinavian countries?

No, 3 Denmark has network only in Denmark. For Europe-wide coverage, use Denmark eSIM.

What countries are included for roaming with 3 Denmark?

3 Denmark includes free roaming within the EU/EEA zones. Some plans may offer roaming bundles for countries like USA, Canada, Switzerland etc. at additional charges.

Can I get 3 Denmark eSIM outside Denmark?

Yes, you can conveniently purchase a 3 Denmark eSIM online and get it instantly delivered worldwide.

XIII. Final words

To conclude, 3 (Three) provides excellent connectivity in cities and population centers across Denmark. With wide 4G coverage and fast speeds, it’s a great choice if you are mainly visiting Copenhagen and other metro areas.

The convenience of eSIM makes it the best choice for iPhone users. For travel beyond cities, a dual eSIM solution like Denmark eSIM instead.